I received a letter today from Congressman Burgess office (dated October 17 2012 with postage stamp dated October 30 2012) with an attached document from the Department of Veterans Affairs with three (3) sections highlighted in yellow:

1. Our records indicate that Mr. Apperson has three appeals currently pending. (letter outlines the three (3) appeals.)

2. VA examinations have been requested for the above appeals. However, our records indicate they were previously requested but his VA claims file was not reviewed. We are again requesting the examinations and upon receipt of the results, all of the evidence will be reviewed and he will be notified of the decision or if any further action is needed.

3. Mr. Apperson's claim has been flagged as a "hardship" and we will expedite our processing as much as possible.

Signed - John S. Limpose, Director (PJ 29337F)

In my humble opinion I believe the Department of Veterans Affairs has determined VA employees did not do their jobs correctly and have caused me great stress.

VA Letter posted by David Apperson

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